Welcome. To the homepage of international mountains guide Kenichi Nagaoka. I think together and act together and think that it is important that I understand it together happily and can be correct under any circumstance. I give top priority to security by the appropriate number of people and always keep guiding which can share an impression with a visitor in mind. I do not do guiding to take a great number of people who do not think about a guide ratio to. In addition, I keep it in mind not to perform the one-sided class either. I am wide, and the help class lectures in particular on it until the care of summaries and the heart of the search method, the export method, the prevention method of the aggravation and the team including a way of thinking of the help from the experience that acted as Captain of longtime JWAF Gunma prefectural federation rescue team practically. Including general mountain guiding school, I make use of the experience as the member of international mountains guide official approval that I have been serving for a long time and pour power into telling you about mountains technology as improvement of the domestic mountains technology, thorough to security mountain climbing now. And do not always neglect own training without cease even if very busy. And it thinks to have the thought that can contribute to the society a little that necessary as a professional guide and guides you.